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Finally got a digital notepad!

2009-11-06 21:19:49 by Diyakinos

About time i got one too. Finally, i can start drawing Frame By Frame animations easier. I'll be uploading some movies soon.

One of my drawings!

2009-03-26 00:09:26 by Diyakinos

I am and always have and always will love drawing. I draw my best drawings when seeing a cool movie or playing an awesome game. I've scanned a bunch of my drawings and this is one of em. Its called Okael the Merciless. A friend and me came up with a lot of characters just like this.

One of my drawings!


2009-01-08 22:43:02 by Diyakinos

FInally i have submitted a movie. Its not one of my bests....but it will have to do. I will be submitting more movies very soon. Heres the link to my movie Right Here


2008-12-27 06:17:57 by Diyakinos

It turns out my newest movie will have 3 clips in it! Now its your cue to tune out!

Yeah Yeah....

2008-12-27 05:13:37 by Diyakinos

well not much going around. Movie was complete FAILURE. And i am still trying to increase my flash skills.


2008-08-11 03:48:34 by Diyakinos

I've had a better idea of making a movie and my friend will be helping. Cant tell you what it will have in it. All i can say it will a bit of Kirby in it. Sorry for the people who were looking forward to Kirby Dance IDentity (If there were any...). Over and out!

yay and noooo.

2008-07-29 03:57:24 by Diyakinos

Ok. I've had to start the movie all over again and it works. So i will be so pissed off out of my brains if something else comes. Lets hope not. Now i can finally get some work done!


2008-07-25 21:56:42 by Diyakinos

The flash movie has been once again delayed as my computer has a bug in Flash will disallows me to open the movie. Meaning the movie's date is now unknown.

Hip Hip Hooray!

2008-07-23 08:26:59 by Diyakinos

I am ending my family and I's moving house day tonight and tommorrow. This will delay the movie. It should be released on the 28th of July. Heres a screenshot.

Hip Hip Hooray!


2008-07-19 23:18:43 by Diyakinos

I have started making a sprite movie with my friend which will be called Kirby Dance Identity. The time it will come out is unknown. It is sure to have laughs and maybe a bit of 'Wowness'. A preview will be displayed soon.